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Snow Sports New Zealand goes Cyber again!

We want to see a full slopestyle run from you! Show us what you’ve got! Be creative, surprise and entertain us!


The challenge is simple: Boost out your best cyber slopestyle run!

We will be judging 5 (FIVE) tricks in each edit. You are welcome to add more, but only the first five tricks that appear in the edit will be considered for judging. We want to see creativity, difficulty and good execution of tricks.


You will be judged by professional judges chosen by Snow Sports New Zealand.


Video requirements

The requirements are simple, you video…

… has to be filmed in New Zealand.

… has to be filmend in 2023.


Entry requirements

Only entries from athletes who have a SSNZ membership will be judged. 

You must register for the event on the SSNZ website (registrations is FOC)

You can only enter one category and not start in both U14 and Open.


How to enter

1. Film your entry.

2. Upload your video on Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.

3. Copy and paste the video URL in the Battle in your category (Battle Group).



You can enter the contest until 17th September 5PM!


We have some video tutorials on how to upload and judge: How Battle Now works


For any further questions please contact us on Instagram @battlen0w or via email info@battle-now.com . We are happy to help you! 

Due to time difference, we might need some hours to respond.


For more information about Snow Sports New Zealand check out https://www.snowsports.co.nz/

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Use the slider to give a score between 0 - 100 Points




Battle statistics

Use the slider to give a score between 0 - 100 Points

Submit your Battle Video

Just include the direct link to your Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook Video.
Works with:

Important notice! Please check that your video is open for public views! Private videos are not working and will be deleted!

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