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Wakeboard Boat Tour Austria 2023
31.08.2023 - 19:00 2 0 0

Wakeboard Boat Tour Austria 2023

01.06.2023 - 10:00  31.08.2023 - 08:00

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Series Rules

The Austrian Wakeboard Cup goes to the boat and online!

And the best: Each Battle is worth 100 international points for the world ranking!


If you upload your video on Instagram: Tag @wakeboardaustria and @battlen0w so we can share your videos.


Judging system

80% of the Scores will be given from a qualified judgepanel. The other 20% will be judged by the community. In order to have a fair judging, the Fairplay Mode is activated! That means, that you can only give your score in a certain range, based on your judging experience, around the current overall score.


How can I take part?

1. Film your trick

2. Upload your video on Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook

3. Copy and paste the video URL in the Battle in your category (Battle Group)


We have some video tutorials on how to upload and judge: How Battle Now works


Requirements for your videos

To make sure that your video is made for the online battle, you have to wear a blue armband. Videos without a blue armband (in any form) will not be counted.


In the video you have to make sure that everything which has to be seen is clearly recognizeable. We can´t judge what we don´t see.


Cuts in the videos are not allowed. The approach and landing has to be clearly visible.


If you would like to to a slow-motion section of your tricks, you can do that after one full length video in realtime.


The specific rules for each battle can be found in the battle descriptions.


For any further questions please contact us on Instagram @battlen0w or via email info@battle-now.com 

Competitors Public
    Judges C 15% + J 85%
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