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Why just one trick if you can show more?

Show us your most creative line! 


One line can max. have 3 feature Hits. If you do more than that, the rest will not be counted! 

Cuts in the videos are not allowed. The approach and landing has to be clearly visible.

If your line includes a section, where you don´t perform any trick you are allowed to fast forward this section of the video. 


Upload until Sunday, 09.07., 24:00.

Community + Judgepanel Scoring until Friday, 14.07., 20:00.


Follow @wakeboardaustria und @battlen0w to stay updated!


Don’t forget to join the battle on cablewakeboard.net to receive the international points. These points can only be awarded if we are able to find your profile based on your Battle Now username!


You can find all information about the Austrian Federation online https://www.oewwv.at/ 

For any questions contact  info@battle-now.com.


Competitors Public
    Judges C 20% + J 80%
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