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Your best max. 540 rotation over the kicker!

The total rotation in the trick can´t be more than 540°. Rewinds are allowed as well.
One trick only!

What about Flips?

A flip counts as a 360° rotation. As an example: A Tantrum to Blind is a 540° rotation consisting of the 360° from the flip and the 180° from the Blind. This counts for other flips as well. A Pete Rose is NOT allowed, since it has an overall 720° rotation counting as we do.


Examples for tricks that are allowed:

HS FS 360

TS BS 540

HS FS 360 Rewind to Blind

HS BS 360 Rewind to Revert

TS BS 180 Rewind 360

Tantrum to Blind



Upload until Sunday, 04.06., 24:00.

Community + Judgepanel Scoring until Friday, 09.06., 20:00.


Follow @wakeboardaustria und @battlen0w to stay updated!


Don’t forget to join the battle on cablewakeboard.net to receive the international points. These points can only be awarded if we are able to find your profile based on your Battle Now username!


You can find all information about the Austrian Federation online https://www.oewwv.at/ 

For any questions contact  info@battle-now.com.

Competitors Public
    Judges C 20% + J 80%
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